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Boat Tours

Manavgat boat tours start from private piers on Manavgat Stream. Some of the tour companies also take their customers from the tourism regions in the vicinity. Among the boat tours, it includes a visit to the Manavgat Waterfall, a break, and a visit to the Manavgat Market. The Manavgat Strait part, which is uniquely beautiful, is one of the most beautiful parts in these tours, most of which are above fresh water. This place is compared to the Red Sea and it is a natural beauty with very special beaches where the fresh waters of Manavgat Stream meet the salty waters of the Mediterranean. During the swimming breaks given here, there is the possibility of swimming in both fresh and salt water. Tours continue with the boats go to the Mediterranean. As in other places on boat tours, food is included in the tour fee but drinks are extra and it is forbidden to bring drinks and food to the boats from outside.


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