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Side Antik Kenti

Side is the most important port city of Pamphylia Region in antiquity. Side Antique City was established on a peninsula in the coastal part of Manavgat District. B.C. It has a history dating back to the 8th century. The name “Side”, which means pomegranate, was taken from the Luwian. B.C. It entered the sovereignty of the Lydian kingdom with the Pamphylia Region in the 7th century. This was followed by Persia and Alexander the Great. B.C. In 78, after the Roman consul Publius Servilius cleared the region from the pirates, Side was connected to the Roman Empire like other cities of Pamphylia.

A.D. Side Antique City, which has been weakened by the attacks of the Arab raids, Rhodes, Venice, Genoese pirates, looting and the attacks of the Cyprus Kings and the Crusades during the Crusades; Since the 12th century, it was completely abandoned and its locals immigrated to Antalya.

The ruins that you can see in Side Antique City, city walls, city gate, Nymphaeum, waterway, colonnaded streets, houses, Commercial Agora, Ancient Theater, Agora Bath (Side Museum), Vespasian Fountain and Monumental Gate, Triumphal Arch, Temple of Dionysus The basilica, harbor bath, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena, South Basilica, Grand Bath, State Agora, Baptistery, Episcopal Palace and Basilica are Philippus Attius Wall.

Selimiye Village was established by the Cretan immigrants in 1890 on the sea side of the ruins of Side Antique City. Today, the settlement in the city continues. Some locations have ancient walls or floors. It is free to visit the Ancient City of Side. Side Museum and Side Theater are chargeable to visit with separate tickets.


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